A successful producer and songwriter who has spent his whole life in recording studios making music, one day starts a family and becomes a happy and proud dad. Obviously his big goal now is to teach his little daughter everything about music – but where to start?

His child obviously loves music and most of all, the all-time classics, that have made generations of kids happy. But he struggles to share this excitement with her because none of these songs actually sound good – they’ve never been well played or produced – it’s torture for him and not how he wants his daughter to experience the joy of music.

Must kids‘ music really sound like this? Isn’t it possible to make quality music for everyone? „Of course it is!“ he thinks to himself and decides to start a new project. And who would be the best business partner to work with? You got it, his little daughter!



We made it our mission to re-record and modernly produce existing children’s song classics with a lot of love to detail. The animal’s voices are all sung by carefully selected international singers. New songs will be recorded regularly to always feed our listeners with exciting things to hear and see.



All animal characters are carefully selected after a market survey with children of different ages. Each drawing is unique, hand-drawn, and based on children’s creativity. Enjoyment and the responsibility of a pedagogical approach are in the foreground.


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Laura's Lovely Blog

„As a Mum who has also had classical singing training, often hate the recordings of children’s songs and make up my own versions. But I absolutely love The Singing Zoo. It makes nursery rhymes fresh and contemporary. The songs all the family can enjoy, rather than me cringing when my little one asks to put them on the car.“